Final Fantasy

Alright so let me explain how this adventure is going to work! I’m excited about it and I really feel that it’s a culmination of what I learned this summer. The first thing I’m going to do is paste a link to a webpage, which is a remixed Regal Cinemas web page. On this page you will see my movie under, “Now Playing”, click on it! After watching the preview come back to this page and click on the youtube page that is next! After that you can come back to this page to view links of the music created, the link to E! News (yes it’s still around in a thousand years on a new planet) as well as the logo I created! After I post this I will also post a final recap/weekly summary, explaining everything created, the process, and my thoughts. Enjoy!!! And please leave comments!

Click here to begin the journey!

Check out the E News page here!

Here’s the movie!

Fresh new music from Malachi Gray:

Ominous logo of Malachi Gray:

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