Final Fantasy

Alright so let me explain how this adventure is going to work! I’m excited about it and I really feel that it’s a culmination of what I learned this summer. The first thing I’m going to do is paste a link to a webpage, which is a remixed Regal Cinemas web page. On this page you will see my movie under, “Now Playing”, click on it! After watching the preview come back to this page and click on the youtube page that is next! After that you can come back to this page to view links of the music created, the link to E! News (yes it’s still around in a thousand years on a new planet) as well as the logo I created! After I post this I will also post a final recap/weekly summary, explaining everything created, the process, and my thoughts. Enjoy!!! And please leave comments!

Click here to begin the journey!

Check out the E News page here!

Here’s the movie!

Fresh new music from Malachi Gray:

Ominous logo of Malachi Gray:

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Weekly Summary/Final Project Explained-Last one!?

Hello! If you’re reading this then you better have already read my prior post, Final Fantasy!

I actually had a blast on this project. It was definitely a lot of work but the time that I had to do it made it very do-able, and honestly quite fun. All of my ideas were absolutely random and generated by like an hour and a half of brainstorming. I wanted to incorporate every principal of digital storytelling that I learned this semester so that was my template.

I began my project by making Kai’s, “hot new song”.  This would be the “audio” principal, as well as obviously incorporating design to actually put it together. I used Garage Band to do it, and ended up using everything in that app to create the song. This by far took the longest and was the most frustrating because I was using small snippets of music, assembling them into appealing sounds, and then assembling those sounds into music! There was no real rhyme or reason behind the music I made, it just ended up developing into it’s own beast. My one regret is that it’s not longer, and that there’s no audio. I just didn’t see how the audio would be possible, whenever I tried to sing with my iPhone headphones (the only ones available to me) it sound absolutely horrible. I’m happy with the song overall though!

Next step was the logo design! I thought of this because it would be a way to truly show some design, and more to expound on my hero. The inspiration for the design was that of simplicity. I figured, “what is Malachi Gray’s main (thing)?” He hates the Blue! so I made a blue circle and but a red line through it as if to say, ” I will single handedly end the blue”. Did I convey what I wanted to? Who knows man but hey the thought was there!

I then moved to the creation of the meat of the project, which was a follow up interview! Now at first I thought I would just make an interview following up my first one with Malachi Gray. But then while showering one day I said, “wait a minute, one of the principals of the class was remixes. SO why don’t I remix it!” Which gave me the idea to interview a Blue gang member. Building off of the remix principle, as well as the “tool” activities of Kai from the first interview, I decided to portray the Blue in another light. That of a charity organization! I used my iPad to record the video so the audio is horrible (I had to enhance almost 200%) and also it has the weird picture from when you record upright (I blame my wife but honestly I didn’t notice until viewing the finished product at which point we were too far in to turn back).

Additionally I decided that it would be pretty funny to at the end of the video throw in an even bigger plot twist. I decided to have my son be Malachi, and beat me up at the end! This was by far the most complicated portion of the project because it took a grand total of twenty minutes of baby shark promised, for him to perform. Also a lot of coaxing. It worked though so screw it! Ha!

The last part of my project was just trying to figure out how to put everything together. I decided to use Mozilla X-Ray goggles to edit a Regal Cinemas page for the announcement of the release of the new movie, “Action Interview: A Geneveve Mathers Film”. This used the “web design” element of the class too. Next I edited a page for the release of Malachi Gray’s music, this came from an E News page.

All in all I think that this project shows that I learned a heck of a lot in this class. More then I ever thought I would. In the beginning of the class I was so resistant to ever learning anything from it just because I didn’t think that I had it in me. Turns out that I’m actually not bad and I’m way more creative then I thought I was. I hope you enjoyed the finished product. Let me know what you think!


Just Zaying..

Anotha’ Day Anotha’ Project

Hello all!

It’s National Turkey Week! How crazy is it that the holidays are already upon us. Do you have any special plans for Thanksgiving? Eat plenty!

Today I am bringing to you an update about my final project. I have spent some time brainstorming, and I bounced around a couple ideas but ultimately decided on the following. I want to create a documentary part 2 on my character, Kai. I want to make it another interview, by the same interviewer obviously, wherein Kai is challenged to make comment on topics such as the following: what makes him tick, who’s his hero, what his ability is, how he got it, and more confrontations with “the Blue”. That will be a video which will involve design, audio production, and possibly a theme song that I will design? I’m thinking about trying to make a unique song, by blending different songs and sounds I take from the internet. I will introduce this in another excerpt in which my character is trying to capitalize on his fame, and moves into music production. I will have the same interviewer, conducting an interview on Kai in which he shows his instrumental called, “Legends” to the world. This will obviously involve more pompous characteristics from our beloved hero. Also in this video he will roll out his brand new logo.

My approach to my final project will involve video (the two videos from the interview and from the “music drop”), visual with design (the logo designed for my character), and audio (the instrumental that my character is “dropping”). This is going to be a whole load of work but I intend to have it done next week. I’m not sure if I will be able to actually put together a song (it’s way harder then you’d think) so I might have to improvise with another form of storytelling next week once I have time to get into it. What’re your thoughts? Leave a comment! Thanks for reading.


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Weekly Summary-Week 12

Hello! I had to finish this week early, because I’m going out of town again for work for the rest of the week on Wednesday. This week wasn’t bad. I think that the concept of mashing up was a good idea, I just didn’t really enjoy it. I didn’t think that any of the assignments were that good, and for some reason I was having a creativity block and couldn’t think of anything good to create myself! But alas I think that I did a pretty good job with what I did however. First thing I will share are the two remixes that I did. The first one was from my re-imagination of my character, Kai, written up here:

image (1)

Second I remixed my, “Snappy” video, which I made in the first video week I believe, it was written up here:

Next  I got into my stars, and created the following content:

Terrible Lip Reading

*Chewing bubble gum sounds*

Why Tina Why!

image (2)

My daily creates:

This daily create was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. I don’t know if it’s a haiku, or what. I just know that I want to be drinking hot chocolate right now. My next daily create was:


I thought that this week went pretty well overall. As I’m sure all of you have noticed by this point, I don’t have a lot of time. Despite that I try to put good content in, and I truly believe that I’ve gotten more creative since the genesis of the class. I wish that I could find a good assignment, and really create something that others will love. The idea just hasn’t come to me yet. I’m going to do one more daily create from my phone while I’m out of town, but it will not be in my weekly summary because I’m posting my weekly summary before leaving town. Thanks for reading and watching!

Mambo number 1

Questions never answered:

What the heck happened to Mambo number one through four. Why is there only one Mambo that is popular? What the hell is a Mambo???

This has nothing to do with why I wrote this post, simply a super random side thought. Appreciate me for who I am okay?! Anyway I’m remixing the name of the popular song Mambo number 5 in honor of the theme of this week which is remixing. It’s super random what I chose to do. Did you catch that other not so subtle hint at our course theme? I’m literally a genius. Anyway for my first remix I went back to when I reimagined my character, Kai, in this post. I used that picture, and pasted the face of John Wick onto him. Two amazing superheroes combined in a super mashup! OH so many references to so many themes. I’m on fire. Check it out:

image (1)




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Weekly Summari-freakin-zation

This week was better then the last, I will lead with that. Not having a huge amount of work from this class, let me slow down and focus on each project! That being said I also think that I had more fun with these projects than normal, partially due to the enlistment of my wife’s creativity and hands. We had a good time playing around with the different prompts, and making content. The first assignment this week was a how-to video, on making a peanut butter and apple jelly sandwich. This was a good time and I thought it was a little humorous.

My second task this week I made a video about a day in the life of Malachi Gray. The assignment asked for a mockumentary about a favorite archetype. I think this was by far my favorite piece that I’ve ever made. It was so fun to improv lines with my wife, and get really creative about how to portray Malachi Gray as an archetype.

The third assignment I did this week was for a Q&A assignment. I didn’t have many questions from people in the class, so I ended up supplementing with my wife. Of course I ended up turning the questions into jokes. What do you expect they were hard questions!

Also this week I did two daily creates. Honestly I don’t see the point in these anymore and they’re really just a nuisance. I don’t feel like I’m getting anything out of them, and they are just a piece of busy work I have to remember to complete. The first one I did this week, asked us to go back and remember a memory from the past. I chose this:

I only did one daily create this week, work has been insane and I somehow lost track of my week and all of a sudden it was Thursday. I think that content wise I did a really good job this week. I did new things with making videos and improv and creating new types of content with that video as well as the How-To video. I’m pretty happy overall with my progress. Thanks for checking this out!


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Weekly Summary-Week 9

This week in DS106 was another one of those weeks where you question, “what tf is going on here?!” That being said I thought that this week went well. I finished all of the assignment early in the week because I have such a busy work week. First  I did my weekly assignments required. The first one is called Contact with the Blue. I liked this assignment and felt that I did a good job, and I liked that I had the opportunity to tie it back into my character’s story. I also thought it was a cool idea to use Reddit to tell the story. The second assignment I did I wrote in the piece, Only in a Dream. This piece was actually probably the easiest to write, and didn’t take long to put together. That room would be so sick to have, cue mouth watering.

I also did my web storytelling assignment this week, and honestly I don’t understand the point of it. I didn’t enjoy it and I didn’t really learn anything except for how to use Mozilla Goggles which I will literally never use again unless this class requires. But that aside I think that it went well and it was an outlet for me to express myself creatively. This assignment is called, Lost and Found. Next I wrote, in my blog named Wow, about The legends DS106 Radio show. As I wrote in the entry, I thought that they did an awesome show, and I would definitely use some of their techniques for my show if I had to do it all over again. Lastly I wrote about the connected daily creates, here all of my daily creates for the week are listed so I will not be listing them again in my summary this week. Once again I don’t really see the point in this activity, but I thought that it went well and I think I did what was requested. The name of that entry is, “Connecting Z Spooky Dots“. I will say that I do appreciate the spooky theme this week. That stuff is so necessary this time of year. That’s all for this week hope you enjoyed!


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