Why Tina Why!!

My son will hate me if he ever finds out I did this hahaha

For my first assignment of the week I did this assignment, which required me to put Talky Tina’s face over another image. After doing research on what in tarnation Talky Tina was, this was a simple assignment. Immediately I started thinking about my son’s favorite show, “Super Why” and how the main character would look much better if he had Talky Tina’s face. So I used faceswaponline.com to put my girl Tina on. Ruining children’s TV shows and taking names, all in a day’s work! Check it out.

image (2)


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Mambo number 1

Questions never answered:

What the heck happened to Mambo number one through four. Why is there only one Mambo that is popular? What the hell is a Mambo???

This has nothing to do with why I wrote this post, simply a super random side thought. Appreciate me for who I am okay?! Anyway I’m remixing the name of the popular song Mambo number 5 in honor of the theme of this week which is remixing. It’s super random what I chose to do. Did you catch that other not so subtle hint at our course theme? I’m literally a genius. Anyway for my first remix I went back to when I reimagined my character, Kai, in this post. I used that picture, and pasted the face of John Wick onto him. Two amazing superheroes combined in a super mashup! OH so many references to so many themes. I’m on fire. Check it out:

image (1)




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Weekly Summari-freakin-zation

This week was better then the last, I will lead with that. Not having a huge amount of work from this class, let me slow down and focus on each project! That being said I also think that I had more fun with these projects than normal, partially due to the enlistment of my wife’s creativity and hands. We had a good time playing around with the different prompts, and making content. The first assignment this week was a how-to video, on making a peanut butter and apple jelly sandwich. This was a good time and I thought it was a little humorous.

My second task this week I made a video about a day in the life of Malachi Gray. The assignment asked for a mockumentary about a favorite archetype. I think this was by far my favorite piece that I’ve ever made. It was so fun to improv lines with my wife, and get really creative about how to portray Malachi Gray as an archetype.

The third assignment I did this week was for a Q&A assignment. I didn’t have many questions from people in the class, so I ended up supplementing with my wife. Of course I ended up turning the questions into jokes. What do you expect they were hard questions!

Also this week I did two daily creates. Honestly I don’t see the point in these anymore and they’re really just a nuisance. I don’t feel like I’m getting anything out of them, and they are just a piece of busy work I have to remember to complete. The first one I did this week, asked us to go back and remember a memory from the past. I chose this:

I only did one daily create this week, work has been insane and I somehow lost track of my week and all of a sudden it was Thursday. I think that content wise I did a really good job this week. I did new things with making videos and improv and creating new types of content with that video as well as the How-To video. I’m pretty happy overall with my progress. Thanks for checking this out!


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Pregunatas, amiga?

My last assignment for the week I did the assignment, “Get to know me” #2230. This assignment asked for me to answer some questions asked by the class. Unfortunately I literally only had questions asked by the wonderful ladies from our radio show group. Such a great group.

Anyway so I only had 3 questions asked by my group members, so I decided to use my wife to fill in the rest of the questions. As with all things that we do together I ended up being goofy and not really answering the question, but it was fun and still showed you something more about who I am!

If I had to do this activity again I wouldn’t do this activity again. I don’t think that I would change anything about how I did it this time. Check it out, I hope you enjoy!

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Do you still have it?

Thanks for reading! I promise if you stick around to watch this video you will actually think it’s funny. I did this video for the assignment 1015, (Mockumentary with your favorite archetype). I don’t think that I stuck entirely to the description, because once I got into the project I actually found it difficult to stick with the plan and had more fun just going with the flow!

Once again my wife helped me out with this, which made it more bearable and definitely funnier. We made the plan to freestyle it, with only a framework of direction which ended up working well because it gave us room to change and adjust as the project progressed. Everything you see on the screen is 100% unprompted and improvised. I think that it was actually a blast. My wife had our youngest on her the entire time which is the baby noises you hear in the background. How funny was that sneeze at the end? We knew that we wanted it to be about my character, though that was hard to do with the wardrobe, and environment we were working with. Also my character has a full head of hair. So there’s that. But I think that I was semi-successful in attributing to my character’s development, as well as incorporating the “archetype” requirement of the prompt. I went with the conceited jock, which is not how I pictured my character being but it ended up working just for this.

I think that this project went really really well and way better then expected. If I had to do it again in the future I think that the only thing I would change would be my wardrobe. I had no plan on what I was wearing, besides the “bulletproof vest portion” and I think that made it kind of hard to really get into the whole “alien planet” portion of my character. Thanks for watching! Check it out.

No…NO don’t eat that!!

Okay first of all….LOL.

I’m writing this post about the first video assignment I completed this week. The name of the assignment is, “How To Video” and it’s for 3 stars. I made this video about make a peanut butter and apple jelly sandwich, you can see it here.

I’m entirely burnt out with this class so my goal for this week was to just try to have fun creating, plus I enlisted my wife’s help! She gave me the idea of making it a how to on this idea, then we both remembered that I’m allergic to peanut butter so she got the idea to make it a little bit of a spoof. I used her old Nikon camera to record it, and then iMovie to put it all together. I imported the video from the SD card of her camera to iMovie, then muted that audio. I then manually recorded audio over it as the narrator. I had fun with this project and I think that if I had to do it again I would try to coordinate the transition a little bit from picking up the sandwich, to my face when I take a bite. It’s a little adjustment but I think it would make a pretty good difference. Thanks for watching!

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Weekly Summary-Week 10

This week was definitely full of challenges, but it had it’s upsides too. I think that I enjoyed the making of movies and all of the related content, however it was hard to do well with the equipment that I have. I will say that the video essay by far was the hardest thing that we’ve had to do. The combination of speaking, personal video, and movie video needing to be put in there was so difficult for me. But I got through it and you can see it here, . My next project of the week was a four star assignment called “Snapaay”. I enjoyed this assignment the most because I found out that’s it’s pretty fun to put music to pictures. IT gave the chance to just find cool pictures, and apply music that I liked to it. Check it out!

Next I made a video of my favorite scene from a movie, from assignment #1246. I had fun doing this, and it was a reasonably easy assignment with my acquired knowledge of iMovie. Check it out here. Obviously this week there was the obligatory daily creates. There wasn’t anything too unique about them, but you can see them here. I tried to make a pun off of whatever the daily create asked for. HA.

All said and done I think that this week went well. It was a tough one and definitely took a frustrating amount of time. Like I’ve said before I think that I could settle down and really have fun with this class, if only there wasn’t so much (what feels to me like) busy work. Hope you enjoyed my work anyway.


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