Weekly Summary/Final Project Explained-Last one!?

Hello! If you’re reading this then you better have already read my prior post, Final Fantasy!

I actually had a blast on this project. It was definitely a lot of work but the time that I had to do it made it very do-able, and honestly quite fun. All of my ideas were absolutely random and generated by like an hour and a half of brainstorming. I wanted to incorporate every principal of digital storytelling that I learned this semester so that was my template.

I began my project by making Kai’s, “hot new song”.  This would be the “audio” principal, as well as obviously incorporating design to actually put it together. I used Garage Band to do it, and ended up using everything in that app to create the song. This by far took the longest and was the most frustrating because I was using small snippets of music, assembling them into appealing sounds, and then assembling those sounds into music! There was no real rhyme or reason behind the music I made, it just ended up developing into it’s own beast. My one regret is that it’s not longer, and that there’s no audio. I just didn’t see how the audio would be possible, whenever I tried to sing with my iPhone headphones (the only ones available to me) it sound absolutely horrible. I’m happy with the song overall though!

Next step was the logo design! I thought of this because it would be a way to truly show some design, and more to expound on my hero. The inspiration for the design was that of simplicity. I figured, “what is Malachi Gray’s main (thing)?” He hates the Blue! so I made a blue circle and but a red line through it as if to say, ” I will single handedly end the blue”. Did I convey what I wanted to? Who knows man but hey the thought was there!

I then moved to the creation of the meat of the project, which was a follow up interview! Now at first I thought I would just make an interview following up my first one with Malachi Gray. But then while showering one day I said, “wait a minute, one of the principals of the class was remixes. SO why don’t I remix it!” Which gave me the idea to interview a Blue gang member. Building off of the remix principle, as well as the “tool” activities of Kai from the first interview, I decided to portray the Blue in another light. That of a charity organization! I used my iPad to record the video so the audio is horrible (I had to enhance almost 200%) and also it has the weird picture from when you record upright (I blame my wife but honestly I didn’t notice until viewing the finished product at which point we were too far in to turn back).

Additionally I decided that it would be pretty funny to at the end of the video throw in an even bigger plot twist. I decided to have my son be Malachi, and beat me up at the end! This was by far the most complicated portion of the project because it took a grand total of twenty minutes of baby shark promised, for him to perform. Also a lot of coaxing. It worked though so screw it! Ha!

The last part of my project was just trying to figure out how to put everything together. I decided to use Mozilla X-Ray goggles to edit a Regal Cinemas page for the announcement of the release of the new movie, “Action Interview: A Geneveve Mathers Film”. This used the “web design” element of the class too. Next I edited a page for the release of Malachi Gray’s music, this came from an E News page.

All in all I think that this project shows that I learned a heck of a lot in this class. More then I ever thought I would. In the beginning of the class I was so resistant to ever learning anything from it just because I didn’t think that I had it in me. Turns out that I’m actually not bad and I’m way more creative then I thought I was. I hope you enjoyed the finished product. Let me know what you think!


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