Do you still have it?

Thanks for reading! I promise if you stick around to watch this video you will actually think it’s funny. I did this video for the assignment 1015, (Mockumentary with your favorite archetype). I don’t think that I stuck entirely to the description, because once I got into the project I actually found it difficult to stick with the plan and had more fun just going with the flow!

Once again my wife helped me out with this, which made it more bearable and definitely funnier. We made the plan to freestyle it, with only a framework of direction which ended up working well because it gave us room to change and adjust as the project progressed. Everything you see on the screen is 100% unprompted and improvised. I think that it was actually a blast. My wife had our youngest on her the entire time which is the baby noises you hear in the background. How funny was that sneeze at the end? We knew that we wanted it to be about my character, though that was hard to do with the wardrobe, and environment we were working with. Also my character has a full head of hair. So there’s that. But I think that I was semi-successful in attributing to my character’s development, as well as incorporating the “archetype” requirement of the prompt. I went with the conceited jock, which is not how I pictured my character being but it ended up working just for this.

I think that this project went really really well and way better then expected. If I had to do it again in the future I think that the only thing I would change would be my wardrobe. I had no plan on what I was wearing, besides the “bulletproof vest portion” and I think that made it kind of hard to really get into the whole “alien planet” portion of my character. Thanks for watching! Check it out.


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