Boy…that was interesting

Well, this assignment was not easy. To say the least. It took me 6 hours…to do just the video. This is beside the time it took to understand the actual content. When it comes to my grasping of the topic itself I felt that there was definitely some room for improvement, but I also understand that this must come with time. If I had to do this assignment again in the future I would try to do more of a detailed analysis. I felt that doing this I spent the majority of the time figuring out how to actually assemble the video, and put any audio in. This overall was an interesting experience, that I would be okay with never repeating unless I had more time to spend on it.

John Wick is my favorite movie franchise of all times. The action, the style, the story all are perfectly designed to me and have me hooked. It took me awhile to brainstorm on what I wanted to review for my video essay, and I eventually decided on this because I thought that there was a unique style to it. Once I started watching the assigned videos I soon figured out why I thought it was so unique. These things that I like so much that relate to the assigned content, are what I try to touch on in my video. I’ll let you watch the video now, thanks for watching.


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