Free Sticker Anyone?


This post is about the bumper sticker I created. I started this assignment and realized I really had no clue what the heck to do for it. So I went where ya can’t go wrong, simple and straightforward. I realized that i don’t have the ability to draw on my computer, so I Googled a way to online create an image. I decided to go with It was free, and clearly simple to use, which was right down my alley. I made a square, and then used the text tool to type in it. The slogan at the bottom, “Where Myth and Legends happen” I thought of really quickly due to the class theme. My favorite color is blue, also the color which I think looks good on designs, so I made the letters royal blue, and the background I filled in as a sort of lighter teal. This is the finished product:Untitled document

I think that this assignment went pretty well, looking back the sticker is pretty plain. But I think that this is okay because it conveys the point which I set out to, that DS106 radio is badass and talks about myths and legends. Who wouldn’t want to listen? Thanks for reading!


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