Dude…pick up your phone!!

Today I made up a voicemail left for Kai’s little brother, Gavin. This was done for Audio assignment #2194. In the voicemail you can hear that Kai is clearly on the run, from the gang called the Blue, my story’s villain. You can hear also in the background that he is running away, and up stairs. After running up the stairs you can hear that an explosion occurs in the background at which point Kai hurries to end the phone call.

I made this voicemail using Audacity (duh what else would I use). I began by recording the voicemail using the record feature. Once I was happy with that part, I went on freesounds.org and found audio of fast footsteps on stone, and then also of running up stairs. I imported these in and dragged them to the proper place, and then found more gunshots and explosions on freesounds to add in to make it more dramatic. I got the idea for this because I wanted to make it more dramatic and cool, in Kai’s semi-relaxed response to the explosion in the background. This further adds to the “swagger” that I want my character to have. Also I made the comment at the end because one of my pet-peeves is when people don’t pick up the phone when I most need it. I make this joke with my wife all of the time. I’ll tell her I could be calling her about something frivolous and she would pick up first ring. But if I need her brain for something (she’s much smarter then me) immediately there’s NO shot she picks up at all! Haha! I think if I had to do this assignment again I would do more to make it more real. Like maybe add some voices in the background, or ambient voices or screams after the explosions. Hope you enjoyed!


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