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I am straight up ready to headbutt a cactus. Like I’m not talking soft, place-your-head-on -the-cactus kinda headbutt. I’m talking like all out “this is war” kind of headbutt. Just dropped like 5 hours in this project so you better like it or I will -insert empty threat here-.

Okay so b-wording aside, this is a cool project I did, and my first tutorial! I will begin with explaining the creation of the project, move to the reasoning behind my creation of the project, and then finish with the tutorial written out as well as how I actually created the tutorial itself which will obviously explain how I made mine as well.

My project was to take sounds that you record, around you, or sounds that you find on free domain websites like, and create a sick beat that you can really get down to. My reasoning behind creating this assignment was because I hated all of the other audio assignments that I had found in the category, and I wanted to do something fun. Growing up I was always making a beat on one thing or another, chances are that in high school there was at least one guy like me in the lunch room making something funky for everyone in their proximity to get down to.

So to do this project you need Audacity. Once you have that downloaded (which all of you should already because it’s actually amazing what you can do on that thing) simply begin adding tracks of recorded or imported audio. I’m not going to go too deep into explaining because I made a five minute video for that. In mine I made a recording of myself snapping, rubbing the sofa with my fingernail, banging the table, and tapping my Mac. I then cut, pasted, and chopped up the audio clips to go together the best. This was the most fun, but also time consuming part of the project. I’ll tell you what man, if I was getting paid for this stuff it would be super fun. But having to do this crap for free, ain’t my cup of tea!! Definitely hardwork for all five of the stars you get from accomplishing this project.

If I were to have to do this again I would definitely be much more efficient at this project, and try to make it longer by learning how to loop the tracks. Additionally I would probably try to layer more, as well as add effects to individual tracks. Lay the gnar folks, and remember to carpe diem.

Check out my video here:


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