4 Pics 1 Slide 1 Movie


Any guesses?

This is an easy one! I want to give you a hint…but I’m not going to. Figure it out.

This was the first assignment I will have completed in the design section for week 6! It was definitely challenging to put together the picture (I’ve never done anything like this before) but it was probably most challenging for me to decide what I wanted to do my picture on. I decided on a movie that was a fan favorite of mine as a kid. The next step for me was deciding how I would do the design. I knew that I should make it as simple as possible, being a beginner, and remembering stuff from the readings this week I wanted it to make sense and contribute to the meaning of the picture. I used Noun Project Search, for all of my pictures. In the respective order I searched for the following: star, flashlight, saber, hand. I then downloaded each of the pictures, and inserted them into Powerpoint, scaling them each as appropriate. I think that I did a good job on this and I think that it was a logical picture given what my movie was that I wanted it to be about. Hope you enjoyed!


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