Kai stands outside hearing the thrum of the music. It’s the middle of the day but the party doesn’t stop for the Blue’s. The sun beats down on Kai and despite what he’s about to do he feels his foot tap a little bit in rhythm with the thrumming sound.



For my last audio assignment for the week I did, Audio Assignment 2227. I had always wondered, when listening to EDM, how they got the “from another room” effect and I always really liked how it sounded in songs. To learn how to recreate it was exciting for me. I began the process by going on and searched for “EDM beat”. I clicked on the first option that was the length of a normal song, and ended up liking the beat which was convenient. I downloaded the beat and imported it into Audacity. I then used the “Low pass filter” to get the “from another room effect. It took me a little bit to get the settings for frequency and decibels, right where I wanted them. I settled on 1500.00 frequency and 24dB.

Following forming the beat (which I was very happy with) I then wrote a description on Soundcloud (which you can see above). I knew I needed to incorporate my character, Kai, so I set it in the background of his world. My thoughts behind this description is that Kai is about to go in and put the beatdown on some fools in the club. The last sentence I wanted to put a little bit of a funny spin, showing that despite the menacing nature of what he was fixin’ to do, he could still appreciate a good beat. In review the Blue are the big local gang that Kai deals with, and they are his nemesis in the story. This song and description tell the story of a hero right before a climax of a larger story, preparing to go into battle with the antagonist.


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