A picture from Kai’s world

In the year 3033 things were very rough for simple astrobark farmers. Below is a picture of an abandoned astrobark storage shed. On it you can see the gang tag of the local gang found in Kai’s town, the “Blue”. The Blue are an extremely violent gang that has slowly grown due to a lack of effective ruling and an ineffective criminal justice system in the area. You can see in the background that there are more old buildings in the back that probably date back more than one thousand years. This picture illustrates the similarities to old Earth environmentally. Many of the trees, plants, and wildlife are almost identical despite having very different genotypes. It is a phenomenon that is still being researched in the most prestigious Universities throughout the solar system.

It is rumored that this specific astrobark storage shed used to belong to a semi-prosperous family. This family was very committed to harvesting the ground born plastic precursor that was so necessary to the area’s economy. Unfortunately this family was unlucky enough to be the next stop on the Blue’s warpath. The Blue’s needed more money to resist the local law enforcement’s push back against them, thus they were extorting and applying pressure to farms in the area. This extortion attempt was met with resistance by the owner of the farm, which resulted in the slaughter of the family to teach other farms in the area the consequences of resisting. When Kai first heard this story he was horrified, terrified, and also very angry. He immediately made up his mind to fight such a horrible force in the world, and put a stop to their violence.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 2.33.29 AM

This picture is actually from Yuendumu, in Australia. I picked this area because I wanted a rural picture with limited greenery, due to the fact that it needed to be an astrobark farm. It was funny as I was digging through Google maps I didn’t really know what I wanted until I saw this picture. It even had a little drawing or, “tag” which I could use to add in a antagonist into Malachi’s story. After I found the street view that I wanted, I simply took a screenshot and then added that screen shot to my blog. This assignment was interesting, made more interesting because I needed it to have some sort of relation to my character. Hope you enjoyed!


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