*wakes up and looks at time* *goes back to sleep*


I spent at least a half an hour trying to figure out what in the world I was going to do for this assignment. I eventually just decided to make a parody of “fighting the good fight” and staying awake at work! Check out the Flickr link below, I’m sharing it that way because I figured that was the cleanest way to do so.


As you can see the first picture is of my watch, and it says 0126hrs, obviously late and like honestly why tf am I even still awake? I use the second picture to preface more, showing that I’m doing homework. I follow this by taking a selfie of me “chugging” a grape flavored Red Bull (by the way don’t try that flavor it’s absolutely horrific). This introduction of “rocket fuel” to my bloodstream then lead to me again checking my watch and seeing it was 0130hrs. Swearing that about an hour should have passed I couldn’t fight the sleep anymore and it consumed me.

As I’ve said in previous posts I don’t have a lot of experience doing this type of stuff, so I just keep trying to force myself to loosen up and have fun while pushing myself to be creative. All I used for this project my cell phone. One thing I did have to do was download the free Flickr app to simplify the downloading of pictures and sharing of them to you guys. I will tell ya I try to figure out what in the world having good lighting meant and seems to me like I failed. But I tried. BTW I’m rounding up on the star value for this assignment…


Just Zaying…


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I'm just a working, schooling, parent trying to figure things out. Twitter @justzaying7 Flickr zae16 Google zaebrooks16@gmail.com Soundcloud Soundcloud.com/user-23470735

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