Week 3 Summary


I really enjoyed this week. As you may have read before I’m not big when it comes to writing or creative artistic type things. Obviously this class by design is causing me to go outside of my comfort zone which i’m finding is not an entirely bad thing.

This week was a lot of writing so I did not create any media (besides the written kind), but I did finally create a character! I am most excited about this. His name is Malachi Gray and he is somewhat of an enigma, who doesn’t even understand his own power. Sound familiar? Do you even know what you’re capable of? Thoughts for the future. I enjoyed pushing myself to go WAY outside my comfort zone and explore a creative part of myself, small as it may be.

This week I also wrote a story about a baseball player, from a random Wikipedia page for one of the writing assignments in the bank. This was supposed to be a short story, so I wasn’t worried about length which let me play around with the intensity and do more without worrying about backstory. I think this was what I had the most fun writing this week.

My second assignment from the bank was about writing from the perspective of your fear, an a thoroughly terrifying situation. This was pretty difficult for me to do simply because of my chief fear, which is heights. How in the world do you write about heights from heights perspective. Good question, read my post to see. My third and final assignment from the bank was an absolute mess. I really didn’t know what to do with that, so I just did the best I could. It was obviously fun to be silly with it and come up with ridiculous terms of service and disclaimers of injury death and maiming etc arising from acts of heroism. I “lol”‘d.

Also check out my piece on the Forty seven Ronin story for analyzing a reading. Honestly I really didn’t enjoy this assignment. I don’t know if my opinion was tainted by the story of the Ronin warriors, or if it was the tedious nature of all of the readings we had to do. Either way I felt there were better things I could be doing with the time I spent on those readings, which really just reiterated what I feel to be common knowledge.

I had more fun this week on the daily creates, and messed around more with using Soundcloud, and also pictures from the internet. I also wrote my first Haiku this week!

Yes I did Google, “how to write a haiku”, don’t judge.


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