Malachi Gray (Kai)

Malachi Gray (Kai) is a sixteen year old male that grew up on the planet Destre (Des-Tray), which is in the same orbit as Earth and appeared there after the “Cosmic Shift” that occurred in the year 3033. How that all happened is not relevant to Malachi however, and may be explored later. Kai is a light skinned, black male, that stands about 6’2 and weights approximately 210lbs. He is very solidly built, as a result of always working on his father’s Astrobark farm in the south region of Destre. Kai has brown close cropped hair, green eyes, and a strong jawline that his mother says is from his father.

His family is a loving arrangement of a mother, father, and three siblings. The family is a very close-knit thing, everyone always looking out for each other and following closely to a moral compass taught by their parents. Kai was the eldest of the four children, followed by Gavin, Asher, and Lidya. Kai’s father, named Morer, purchased the farm when Kai was a young boy with proceeds from years spent in the outer crust looking for Astrobark to harvest with astro-mining spaceships.

Ever since Kai was a boy he noticed he was always exceptional at problem solving in just about any capacity. He first began to notice that there was something different about him, when he got into his first fist fight. The fight occurred due to a neighborhood bully, named Branth, picking on Asher one day after academy. All of the children in the south region of Destre attended the same Academy that sits on a hill overlooking the ocean. Branth did not like Asher because Asher was a highly intelligent individual, and had no clue how not to show it. Gavin is several years ahead in school and attends the same academy class as does Kai, and Branth, despite being only 10 years old. Branth pushed Asher and swiftly followed with a punch to the jaw. Kai saw this as he walked into the courtyard and sprinted over to intervene. Branth demanded Kai stay out of this but obviously, Kai was not having that. Branth swung at Kai, and it was like time slowed for Kai. He saw the punch coming in an overhead arch and was able to simultaneously determine the most effective way to respond to the sudden threat. He quickly analyzed that Branth outweighed him by approximately 50lbs meaning that meeting the punch directly would only result in more strain being placed on Kai. If he were to utilize the linkage of the wrist to the mechanical energy generated by Branth’s shoulder and arm, translated to the fist through the radius and ulna, he could put in less then 15% of his maximal strength and achieve the same result. Making a decision he quickly acted upon it. Before Branth knew it he saw Kai grab his arm by the wrist, and lever his arm into a hip throw faster then he could blink. Once Kai had Branth on his back he delivered one punch to his temple causing Branth to lose consciousness.

Kai had never received any formal training in martial arts of any kind, and had never before gotten into a fight. How had he known how to respond to such a threat? What gave him the ability to so quickly solve the problem presented by Branth throwing that punch at him? These are all questions that spun through his head as he quickly took Asher by the hand and left the courtyard.


Curious how Kai does it? Stay tuned…

Where is this going? I have no idea. I love science fiction on a very deep level, so I knew that I wanted my character to be rooted in that way i.e. a future time on an unknown world. Also I love superheroes and superpowers so evidently I had to include that! I didn’t want to do something cliche like super strength, or flight, so I came up with the idea of a character who is infinitely effective at solving problems. Is this a life-hack and a little bit of a “broken power”? Absolutely. So because of this I will have to figure out some way to handicap him to make it an interesting and somewhat “plausible” read. His name comes from my oldest son. I love the name Malachi and the nickname Kai, so it was an easy jump to make naming my character! My characters family more then likely will pretty closely represent mine growing up, just because that is the one that I know the best! I wanted his father to be someone who knows the meaning of work, and someone with a strong moral compass to give Kai some strong roots to hold him firm for future stories. I really look forward to developing this more.


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2 thoughts on “Malachi Gray (Kai)”

  1. Wow! This is a really unique take on a character, with the sci-fi setting as well as the super power. Honestly, being a super fast problem solver is the best superpower you could have in my opinion, and it’s super creative! I’m excited to hear more about Kai! Awesome character!


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