A picture from Kai’s world

In the year 3033 things were very rough for simple astrobark farmers. Below is a picture of an abandoned astrobark storage shed. On it you can see the gang tag of the local gang found in Kai’s town, the “Blue”. The Blue are an extremely violent gang that has slowly grown due to a lack of effective ruling and an ineffective criminal justice system in the area. You can see in the background that there are more old buildings in the back that probably date back more than one thousand years. This picture illustrates the similarities to old Earth environmentally. Many of the trees, plants, and wildlife are almost identical despite having very different genotypes. It is a phenomenon that is still being researched in the most prestigious Universities throughout the solar system.

It is rumored that this specific astrobark storage shed used to belong to a semi-prosperous family. This family was very committed to harvesting the ground born plastic precursor that was so necessary to the area’s economy. Unfortunately this family was unlucky enough to be the next stop on the Blue’s warpath. The Blue’s needed more money to resist the local law enforcement’s push back against them, thus they were extorting and applying pressure to farms in the area. This extortion attempt was met with resistance by the owner of the farm, which resulted in the slaughter of the family to teach other farms in the area the consequences of resisting. When Kai first heard this story he was horrified, terrified, and also very angry. He immediately made up his mind to fight such a horrible force in the world, and put a stop to their violence.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 2.33.29 AM

This picture is actually from Yuendumu, in Australia. I picked this area because I wanted a rural picture with limited greenery, due to the fact that it needed to be an astrobark farm. It was funny as I was digging through Google maps I didn’t really know what I wanted until I saw this picture. It even had a little drawing or, “tag” which I could use to add in a antagonist into Malachi’s story. After I found the street view that I wanted, I simply took a screenshot and then added that screen shot to my blog. This assignment was interesting, made more interesting because I needed it to have some sort of relation to my character. Hope you enjoyed!


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*wakes up and looks at time* *goes back to sleep*


I spent at least a half an hour trying to figure out what in the world I was going to do for this assignment. I eventually just decided to make a parody of “fighting the good fight” and staying awake at work! Check out the Flickr link below, I’m sharing it that way because I figured that was the cleanest way to do so.


As you can see the first picture is of my watch, and it says 0126hrs, obviously late and like honestly why tf am I even still awake? I use the second picture to preface more, showing that I’m doing homework. I follow this by taking a selfie of me “chugging” a grape flavored Red Bull (by the way don’t try that flavor it’s absolutely horrific). This introduction of “rocket fuel” to my bloodstream then lead to me again checking my watch and seeing it was 0130hrs. Swearing that about an hour should have passed I couldn’t fight the sleep anymore and it consumed me.

As I’ve said in previous posts I don’t have a lot of experience doing this type of stuff, so I just keep trying to force myself to loosen up and have fun while pushing myself to be creative. All I used for this project my cell phone. One thing I did have to do was download the free Flickr app to simplify the downloading of pictures and sharing of them to you guys. I will tell ya I try to figure out what in the world having good lighting meant and seems to me like I failed. But I tried. BTW I’m rounding up on the star value for this assignment…


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Hello all!

First post for week four. Is it just me or is this semester dragging by? Probably a severe case of Senioritis. Anyway if you haven’t already figured it out, this post is about photography. My title is simply photography translated to Italian. Why did I choose to make it in Italian? Because I’m craving pizza right now, that’s why. Judge yourself before you even think of judging me.

I have just about zero experience in the area of photography. Well actually…I reckon that anyone in today’s day and age, that is in possession of a smart phone, is somewhat of a photographer. I know how to point and shoot. I honestly don’t even know anything about photography including what makes popular photographs so spectacular. While writing this I took a minute and did a little bit of research on popular photographs and I found this. To me all of those photographs are not special other then capturing significant events or times in history. Maybe this is the point of photography? Looking through the pictures, I saw that every photo appeared to be restrained by the constraints technology placed due to the age in which the photo was taken. Yet all of these photos taken at different times are all considered influential. So then it must just be about content! Thanks for sticking with me while I walked myself through that.

When I take photographs, the vast majority of the time they are of my family. Whether I’m capturing a particular moment, or circumstance, my aim is just to obtain a clear photo. Editing and filters and all that nonsense I have never really considered. I think that I am reasonably successful when I take pictures! I think that there are definitely times when I take too many pictures though, that are not even significant that I inevitably end up deleting later.

After reading “Becoming a better photographer”, my eyes were opened to a whole new world. Everything in this resource was news to me, and all of it could be used to make me a better photographer, but I will tell you the points which stuck out to me the most. First, the concept of “getting pickier” is exactly what the doctor ordered. I point my phone in the general direction of what I want to capture and slam the button until I’m satisfied that somewhere in the collection is the photo I want. Second I found that “looking to the light” was a great point. I still don’t really understand the extent of it, but the concept of making sure the photo is well lit, makes perfect sense in order to most effectively capture a photo. Last I found that “Putting a great foreground in front of a great background” was the third most important point to me. The idea of not having a cluttered picture is logical, as well as making use of the background to work for you.

I hope you enjoyed the read!


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I would like to introduce, Emma!


Emma was my first and so far only dog that I’ve ever had. She was a part Jack russel terrier and part Rat Terrier. Cutest dog ever. This picture was taken one day when my dad and I were outside working on my car. We always used to joke that she was our foreman, always overseeing all of the work we did. Honestly, as I’m writing this I’m getting a little emotional! We lost Emma to injuries after she was attacked by another dog. This is probably the best picture that I have of her and it reminds me of her, prior to the last time I saw her when she was ravaged by damage caused by the attack. A dog is an animal that fills a special place in human’s hearts. I won’t ever forget about her. Pictures can be very amazing things. Never would I have thought that this picture would mean so much to me. Take pictures of things you love!


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Week 3 Summary


I really enjoyed this week. As you may have read before I’m not big when it comes to writing or creative artistic type things. Obviously this class by design is causing me to go outside of my comfort zone which i’m finding is not an entirely bad thing.

This week was a lot of writing so I did not create any media (besides the written kind), but I did finally create a character! I am most excited about this. His name is Malachi Gray and he is somewhat of an enigma, who doesn’t even understand his own power. Sound familiar? Do you even know what you’re capable of? Thoughts for the future. I enjoyed pushing myself to go WAY outside my comfort zone and explore a creative part of myself, small as it may be.

This week I also wrote a story about a baseball player, from a random Wikipedia page for one of the writing assignments in the bank. This was supposed to be a short story, so I wasn’t worried about length which let me play around with the intensity and do more without worrying about backstory. I think this was what I had the most fun writing this week.

My second assignment from the bank was about writing from the perspective of your fear, an a thoroughly terrifying situation. This was pretty difficult for me to do simply because of my chief fear, which is heights. How in the world do you write about heights from heights perspective. Good question, read my post to see. My third and final assignment from the bank was an absolute mess. I really didn’t know what to do with that, so I just did the best I could. It was obviously fun to be silly with it and come up with ridiculous terms of service and disclaimers of injury death and maiming etc arising from acts of heroism. I “lol”‘d.

Also check out my piece on the Forty seven Ronin story for analyzing a reading. Honestly I really didn’t enjoy this assignment. I don’t know if my opinion was tainted by the story of the Ronin warriors, or if it was the tedious nature of all of the readings we had to do. Either way I felt there were better things I could be doing with the time I spent on those readings, which really just reiterated what I feel to be common knowledge.

I had more fun this week on the daily creates, and messed around more with using Soundcloud, and also pictures from the internet. I also wrote my first Haiku this week!

Yes I did Google, “how to write a haiku”, don’t judge.


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You Have Got to be Kidding me






This assignment was so vague that I decided to have fun with it. I knew that I needed to somehow tie “terms of service” into heroism and myth and legend as per our theme, so I decided to do my best and be a true pessimist with it as well. I never have actually read a terms of service, so I had no clue what one should look like but after a quick perusal this is what I came up with excluding all legal jargon. At the end I wanted to put a humorous spin on it, to lighten the mood as well as make a quick dig at heroes and mythical stories.


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Heights Smeights

Honestly I don’t understand what the fear of me is. A young human had ventured too high up onto a rock, and as he looked down into the valley of the mountain he was climbing he could see the distance he had come in proper prospective. The trees looked like toys, and the rocks below that he knew to be boulders, as he had just journeyed up the ravine and through the rock scramble, looked like tiny pebbles such as you would find at the bottom of an ornamental pond. The human now was experiencing me in my majesty. He realized that if a strong gust of wind were to come along he would plummet to the bottom of the ravine and splatter among the boulders below. From me, to finished. I thought it was fantastic, but from the size of his eyes I could tell he clearly didn’t. He slowly stepped back from the rock overlooking the ravine, he didn’t see the stick behind him. Back, back, back his foot went. I thought he would hit it, however he didn’t. Too bad. Maybe next time. I blew goodbye to the young human as he departed the rock face. I continued being, reveling in how far from the ground I was. Truly wonderful.


Since I was a little boy my dad has always taught me to look my fears in the eyeballs, and challenge them. Because of this I would say that I don’t have any fears or phobias but instead an assortment of things that I have a healthy respect for. Heights is chief among these things. I believe that every human naturally should have a healthy respect for heights. It is reasonable to fear the drop from hundreds of feet up, to an unforgiving surface below. The background of this story was set in my head, at Old Rag mountain in the Shenandoah Mountains. I frequented this rock scramble/climb much in my formative years, and always had to at the top face my fear of falling over the edge, as I looked down from where I had come.